Industrial vacuuming filter cleansing.

Clean air and a healthy environment are the ideal conditions to work in. Environmental pollution reduction is a goal everybody has to commit to. ECOTWISTER can contribute greatly in its achievement. In fact, its timely and efficient service allows other companies to always have efficient performing air filters available so as to guarantee the maximum purification. Furthermore, the regeneration also allows companies to reduce the production of highly polluting waste such as exhausted filters.

Sandblasting, varnishing and polishing

Some cleansing examples on filtering cartridges for sandblasting and powder coating vacuums. Many of these filters have been regenerated for the third time and respond with a good filtering efficiency and very little pressure drop.


Laser cutting and cartridges

Some regeneration samples on filtering cartridges for laser/plasma cutting. The regeneration quality improves if the filter is cleansed before it is completely exhausted. It is quite usual to tend to use the aspirator until it can no longer suck and until the filters are completely saturated. In order to perform the regeneration several times on the same cartridge, it is necessary to first remove the majority of the blockage. Ecotwister offers a programmed maintenance service based on the work that is carried out and the replacement cycles.

Examples of TRUMPF laser cutting cleansin

In addition to cartridge filters, Ecotwist is able to regenerate panel filters such as TRUMPF filters, restoring them to a filtering quality equal to a new one, considerably reducing replacement costs.