At the center of ECOTWISTER’s mission there has always been the highest care towards energy conservation and environmental safety.

The regeneration of air filters, ECOTWISTER’s signature activity, allows clients to drastically reduce the disposal of highly polluting materials. Furthermore, efficient filters make for a healthier environment, optimally functioning equipment and lower fuel consumption.

ECOTWISTER is located in the industrial area of Farra di Mel and is active in the regeneration of air filters. Thanks to the use of technologically advanced tools and highly professional staff; it guarantees the best results, certified by severe and strict quality controls.

ECOTWISTER technology, combined with the high degree of professionalism of its crew, enables the regeneration of cartridge air filters, certifying the final product up to 98% compared to a brand new one.
Our system uses a dry cleaning procedure inside a pressurized environment.

Some filters made of polyester can be washed, but, in order to be reassembled, they require longer periods of time as they have to be completely dry. Chemical substances that could potentially damage the micro porosity of the cartridge are not used.

The integrity of the filter remains unaltered and the regenerative cycle can be repeated on the same filter up to 5-6 times without the chance of the product losing its original characteristics.

ECOTWISTER is the ideal partner for all those commercial and craft activities that use air filters in their everyday tasks.

In the Duty Vehicle and operating machinery sectors:

  • Trucking companies
  • Public transport companies
  • Material moving machinery companies

In the Industrial filtration sector:

  • Dust extractors
  • Laser or plasma cutting
  • Powder coating
  • Industrial sandblasting
  • Oxy cutting

In the particulate filter sector:
Any particulate filter, from cars to lorries.
Moreover, ECOTWISTER, thanks to its experience in the sector, is able to provide any new type of air filter in a very short time, in case there would be no chance to proceed with the regeneration.

ECOTWISTER is not just air filtration. It furnishes samples of any type of air, water, oil, fuel and gas filter.
It also offers targeted quotations, guaranteeing a complete offer.