Automatic traction filter cleansing

Low engine performance? High fuel consumption? The FAP blockage light has come up? The forced regeneration has failed?

Regeneration is the answer that allows you to restore perfect efficiency with a reduction of almost a 70% in the total cost when compared to the replacement of the filter.

Air filters

Did you know that vehicles’ air filters can be regenerated up to ¾, maintaining all its characteristics active? Ecotwister allows you to save between 50 and 70% compared to the price of a new one. It also pays attention to the environment with a dramatic reduction of disposal costs and, also, less non-organic waste.

The result guarantee is certified with an electronic test that analyses the filter before and after the treatment.

Particulate filter

Thanks to particulate filter regeneration you can save up to more than 50% without having to compromise the quality of the product.

The DPF/FAP regeneration guarantees a 95-98% level of functionality restoration when compared to new ones, successfully removing and cleansing the filter channels from ashes. The filters are inserted into specific ovens and brought to a temperature of 600-650 ºC in order to guarantee the complete combustion of all the waste inside the filtering channels.

Subsequently, the filter is blown in order to eject the excessive dust and a counterproof of the suction and air passage is carried out to compare the results to the initial test.

Examples of automatic traction filter cleansing